Whole30 Thoughts and Takeaways (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of 2 on the Whole30 Program. You can check out Part 1 here.

The point of the Whole30 Program is to have a better understanding of your relationship with food (physically and otherwise). It is designed as a way to reset your body and mind over the course of thirty days and to cleanse out all of those not-so-great habit foods.

Doing the Whole30 definitely helped me learn a lot about my own relationship with food. I learned which foods I definitely don’t need in my life and which ones I absolutely couldn’t live without (bread, baby), and a little of how those foods make me feel. I admit, I didn’t come out of the Whole30 the way you’re supposed to. You’re supposed to slowly reintroduce certain foods into your diet, so that you have the best chance of understanding how they affect you. I wasn’t that careful, and I wish I had been, because this week has really been a free-for-all food frenzy. I’ve had Chinese food, McDonald’s, Burger King, alcohol, pizza, etc. etc. (which partially has to do with starting a new job, but is mostly because of celebratory eating for accomplishing something really hard).

Anyways, because of the way I’ve been eating this week, I can already feel a change in my energy levels, and my stomach is uncomfortable more of the time. So that’s obviously my bad, but it’s actually great to know that doing the Whole30 actually made a difference, and it’s really good to know what I can do to remedy these issues.

Adam and I are both planning to take an Aldi trip next week to buy a more Whole30/Real Life hybrid grocery haul so that we can keep some of the lessons we learned with us, while still enjoying the food that makes life worth living.

I don’t believe that there is any non-medical reason to avoid any type of food altogether.  There are, of course, lots and lots of ethical and environmental reasons to avoid meat, dairy, and highly processed foods, but I think it’s more about changing the way we view these foods. Instead of thinking of butter, milk, and ground beef as kitchen staples, think of them as special occasion foods, that you only enjoy every once in a while. I guarantee you’ll enjoy them all the more. What I learned from the Whole30 is the only food I truly NEED is real, whole, unprocessed food, and the rest is just for fun.

Here are some recipes we loved during our Whole30 month. If none of these speak to you (or if you just can’t be trusted in the kitchen), it’s easy to just throw some compliant foods together in a skillet or crock pot and try it out. My formula was always 1 meat+ 2 or 3 Veggies + Garlic Salt and Cilantro.vegetables-frying-pan-greens

I’ll continue adding to this list as I find more for those of you who may be thinking about starting!

*BONUS: We LOVED making our own over-baked french fries as a snack or side dish. Super easy and totally customizable (I love OLD BAY fries).

If you’re thinking about starting the Whole30, go to the website, do your research (read EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU START), find some social media resources, and take a chance. I guarantee that it will make a difference and teach you something.

Have you tried the Whole30? Tell me about your experience! Let’s compare notes!

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