End of Summer Probs

Summer is coming to a close (group sigh). BUT luckily Autumn is my favorite time for fashion! I love styling myself in layers upon layers until I’m barely visible under a mound of hoodies.

I’m (mostly) joking about the layers, but Autumn is a great time to experiment with new looks that you might want to try out because if you end up hating it, you can always strip it off to your lower layer, or cover it up with your favorite hoodie.

Here’s what you can catch this Autumn-Ballin-on-a-Budget-Blogger wearing today on a venture into the outside world.

I’m not usually a blue jeans kind of guy, but I’m currently deep in a “I Hate Everything In My Closet” state in time, so I figured what the hell. That also explains me creeping into the other half of the closet to find this Vintage Army Jacket.


Jacket: Vintage Army jacket borrowed from bf’s closet (thanks)
Jeans: Denim Co. purchased at Primark (I said “on a budget” right?)
Hat: Rue 21 Avocado hat (fave)

Show me what you’re wearing today or what looks you’re diving into this Fall!

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