Transitional Outfits and Heavy Sweating

Transitioning from Summer to Fall fashion is tough on all of us. Unpredictable weather changing from hot and sunny to windy and wet and cold on a dime makes it near impossible to plan your looks.

It’s especially hard for those of us whose style really comes alive in the Fall. I love wearing beanies and sweaters and boots, so I always get over-excited and antsy to start dressing for Fall too early.

That brings us to this outfit, which is a perfect example of me getting a bit too eager for cooler weather in a flannel and beanie, and then sweating like a crazy person all day in the heat of a Summer that is lasting way too long.


Weather transitional outfits can be stressful, but they can also be fun. It’s a good time of year to experiment with different outfit combinations you haven’t tried yet, and putting unlikely pieces together. The result can be something you unexpectedly love.


On this particular day, I gave up trying and ended up tying the flannel around my waist and intermittently removing the beanie (hat hair).


Here’s hoping for some chilly, rainy days so I can truly live my best layered, cozy, waterproof life.



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