The Soundtrack To My Summer is Dangerous

I thought I had heard enough. Rihanna’s latest album ANTI had me hooked, and I mean HOOKED. I was listening to it on repeat. I listened to and watched Beyoncé’s prolific Lemonade, I listened to Drake’s hit-factory VIEWS, and then still went back to ANTI. I tried and tried and tried to find something that could give me more ear candy, something that would force me to stop wanting to hear ‘Desperado,’ ‘Consideration,’ or ‘Work’ on a constant stream.

Then it happened.

Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande’s third album, has been the complete soundtrack to my summer. Here’s why:

HER VOICE. Obviously we already knew that Ariana’s voice was a force to be reckoned with but this album has some of what I think is her best work. The song Leave Me Lonely which features Macy Gray (I know right) is probably the best I have ever heard voice sound. She sounds passionate and connected to every word.

Speaking of the features on the album, THE FEATURES. Dangerous Woman has some amazing support from some really dope artists such as Macy Gray (already mentioned), Lil Wayne, another song with Nicki Minaj, and Future. Wow.

And finally, in a general sense, this entire album is quite literally a BOP. By that I mean, it is bop after bop after hit after hit after banger after banger.

Album highlights for me are: Be Alright, Into You, Leave Me Lonely, Side to Side, and (most importantly) Bad Decisions

I won’t stop listening the ANTI, I’m still obsessed with LEMONADE, and VIEWS is still dope, but Ariana Grande’s sound is here. It is real, mature, and dangerous. She is a queen on the rise and this album is her coronation.

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