Spring 2017 Color Palette: A Power Couple

I’ve been inspired by warm weather, sunshine, and a newfound vitality coming off of a 3 week sinus infection. During this time, I powered through several trips (London and Copenhagen two weekends in a row (I know, right?)) which probably made the infection last longer than it normally would have, but ALAS, everything happens for a reason. So, I am inspired by the beauty that is Springtime in Northern France. But the flowers, sunshine, and smiling French people (they exist) are not the only things that get me going. Walking around town recently, I’ve noticed an intense shift in color palette choices of the people around me and I LOVE IT. I’ve gotten so used to seeing people (stylishly) wrapped all the way up in gray, brown, and black scarves and coats, that I forgot how many other colors exist. I’m generally not one to wear patterns (I generally stick to a solid, color-blocking type thingy), so I am excited to see a lot of plain solid colored pieces of clothing.

The two colors that I’ve seen the most of and are so incredibly striking to me are Kale Green, which is like a muted lighter Army Green and this really light soft pink, which some research on Pantone has told me is called Hazelnut.

I love the idea of a muted Spring palette. It’s much more serious and natural than the typical pastels and florals we are so used to seeing this time of year.  Individually, these colors are both beautiful and understated, but then when put together, they create a natural, fresh, light, and Earthy vibe that makes me very happy. Hazelnut, to me, is very reminiscent of skin tone, which aids the whole naturalistic Spring thing. Paired with Kale Green, we get the sense of being lovingly embraced by the blooming nature around us (green grass and trees and moss and sh*t).

This color palette is an awesome example of current trends in color as well. In my opinion, Spring 2017 will go down in history as the perfect snapshot of color trends in this time period. The use of muted earth tones and skin tones is one of my favorite trends right now.

So go out and buy some Hazelnut and Kale clothes and feel the majesty of nature all around you.

Image result for kale and hazelnut salad
Here is a picture of a Kale and Hazelnut Salad, also.

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