Oak and Fort FW/2017 Review

Instagram is probably one of the most significant innovations in the information age. That sounds a little dramatic, I know, but without Instagram, we would all miss out on all of the wonders of our beautiful world today. Where else could I watch young women pretend to cut their hair for few seconds before blowing me away with some wild hairstyling. Where else could I repost a lottery winner’s selfie for a chance to get some of the money. Where else, I ask you?? See, Instagram matters.

In fact, Instagram is where I discovered this awesome clothing brand called Oak and Fort. I’ve wanted to do a post about them since I found out about them, so I’m happy to be doing a review of their Fall/Winter 2017 men’s collection. My favorite things about the brand are its use of minimalism in its looks, the soft color palette, and its gender-versatile pieces. This collection delivers all of the above in such a polished way.

Denim Jacket 1181
The minimalism here is cool because it is somehow makes everything very serious and dramatic(?) Look books from the collection are beautifully photographed and usually just feature only one or two models standing in a brightly lit and plain location. Even the pieces of clothing themselves don’t have funny (or particularly interesting) names. They are just numbered (e.g. Denim Jacket 1181). I think this allows the clothes to speak for themselves which they absolutely do. The F/W 2017 men’s collection is chock full of minimalist musings for the eye to wander about. Simple tee shirts, pants, jackets, coats, and shoes with few (if any) patterns. Everything is so simple and so stark. It is a very basics-based collection, which allows you to layer and mix-and-match to create your very own style. It allows you to wear the clothes, not the other way around.


The soft color palette. The soft color palette. To me, Oak and Fort is more than just really dope clothing, it’s an entire mood, a vibe of that is calming, cool and somehow both passionate and apathetic at the same time. This mood is brought to you by the color palette, which is always soft, muted tones of pink, blue, brown, grey, black, and white. The FW/2017 does not disappoint on this front either. It gives calm, strong, earthy tones that are grounded and solid. The collection feels strong and willful while maintaining the soft emotional base that makes Oak and Fort so unique.

Finally, the gender-versatility of this brand is one of the coolest things about it in my opinion. Though the website does have mens and womens pages, it also has a unisex page where you can find things like tee shirts, hoodies, cardigans, and jackets. But besides this is the fact that even the “gendered” clothes are still perfectly interchangeable between men, women, and anyone in between. The beauty behind the simplicity of this brand is that you could rock men’s or women’s clothes and still not be making a huge, showy political statement. It’s just easy.

Though Oak and Fort is still just a little out my price range for now, I would still consider it to be affordable high quality clothing, and a must have as part of your wardrobe’s foundation. I can’t wait to actually get my hands on something from this brand and rock that minimal, luxury life.

All photos via www.oakandfort.com

What are some of your most significant Instagram discoveries?

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