NYFW (Live Stream): Update

If you’ve been keeping up with my Fashion Week posts, I’m sure you can tell how much fun I am having watching all of these Fashion Week live streams.

I wanted to give a mid-week update to talk about some of the trends I’m noticing for Spring/Summer 2018, and some of best and worst shows I’ve seen.

By far, I haven’t even seen nearly a majority of the shows so far this week, since I’m only watching live-streams (and not even all of those), but I’ve noticed lots of recurring themes and trends to expect in the Spring.


One of the first and most prominent things I’ve noticed for this season is the use of bright whites, blushy pinks, earthy greens, and calm blues, and flashy reds.

Most of the collections I’ve seen have used this color palette as a staple. The colors are mostly muted and accented around the mainly white ensembles. A lot of the collections that I’ve seen are very clean yet boho at the same time, using color blocking and patterns carefully and sparingly.

Flowy, Billowy, Ruffled Layers

EVERY single show I’ve watched has featured all three of these. I really love this as trend because I love the drama of walking in the wind with a coat, dress, or skirt falling behind you.


Layered patterns and textures, lace, stripes, shimmery fabrics. Oh and of course hella florals.


Favorites and Less Favorites

I love being introduced to designers I knew nothing about before starting this blog. Some of my favorite collections I’ve seen thus far are the simple, light, and wearable looks from Brock Collection, Noon by Noor, and Tory Burch.

Brock Collection photos via livingly.com

Noon by Noor photos via livingly.com

Tory Burch photos via livingly.com

My two favorite shows, however, have been Adam Selman and Concept Korea. Both shows were aesthetically gorgeous and the collections were interesting, beautiful, and wearable.

Adam Selman photos via livingly.com


Concept Korea photos via livingly.com.

Some of my not-so-favorites have been Calvin Klein and GCDS.

In the case of Calvin Klein, I liked the design of the show and camera work. I also liked the majority of the collection. I absolutely hated some of the opening designs. Weird Shiny Cowboy, and painted denim are, I’m learning, not my preferred cups of tea.

Calvin Klein photos via livingly.com

I did like some of these looks, though, from the same collection, so a big ¯_(ツ)_/¯ from me on this overall:

GCDS was an awesome collection, I mean it. But the show felt rushed and disorganized, which made me dislike what I was seeing while I was seeing it. Upon further inspection, I realized that I really enjoyed most of the pieces.

GCDS photos via zimbio.com

So, that’s what you’ve missed (kind of) so far from NYFW. This has been your mid-week update.

What do you think of the shows so far this year? 

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