NYFW (Live-Stream): DESIGUAL Takes Us Around The World

I’ve done it! I’ve officially started blogging about New York Fashion Week (live-stream) shows! Look at me go!

“Desigual Couture, darling!”

I am so happy that this show was my introduction to Fashion Week shows! Desigual’s SS18 show was totally awesome.

The Show

From the very start, the show was bold, fun, fast-paced, and cute af. The models started on the runway with quick footwork and bouncy choreography to a hip-hop beat that felt culturally vague enough to be light-hearted and fun, without fear of dissension into appropriation (I’m sure that was intentional). The show made great use of the cameras and live-stream medium, using cuts, angles, and lighting effectively to show the models and dancers at their best and engage the at-home audience.


A quick, surface-level analysis of the show uncovered, for me, a cry for cultural unity. The models (of all different ethnicities and colors) dancing in ode-to-traditional cultural wear from all over the globe, including Japan, India, The Netherlands, Africa and more, in unison, using the same head nods, or skipping together down the U-shaped catwalk. The heaviest indicator of this cry for unity, though, was in the occasional use of physical touch. On occasion, models would walk (or march, or quick-step) while holding hands.

I think this is the perfect way to use your personal art or talents to make a statement. The models wore punky smiles (for the most part) and did queenish struts to upbeat songs in bright, colorful clothing. A (maybe) political statement was made, yes, but it was done in the correct lane, with smiles, brightness, and positivity. The show was brilliantly created by Desigual’s new Creative Director, Jean-Paul Goude.

The Collection

I really¬†really loved this collection. Maybe I’m just too dazzled by the show or inexperienced to be truly discerning, but I thought everything was perfect from the color palette to the styling.


The color palette was very reminiscent of 90’s hip-hip to me. I was getting serious Salt-n-Peppa meets Urban Raggedy Ann vibes. Solid color-blocked ensembles using mainly primary colors slowly melted into patterned cultural-chic. My favorite example of this is the kimono-esque winged bodysuits.



Each of the ensembles that were shown were styled to perfectly evoke a sense of a “melting pot.” Not to mention the separates were designer streetwear perfection. Not to mention the vigorous movement and dancing from the models that highlighted the movement of the garments so well.

All in all, it was a beautiful melding of culture through art and performance that gave me such a sense of a bright, optimistic, and culturally ambiguous future, and I loved every second.

Check out some of the other looks I loved from this show, and let me know what you think! You can also watch the show and shop Desigual right here.

*All photos courtesy of Zimbio.com

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