Look Book

Borrowed Looks 2017

In an effort to practice my styling, creative directing, and photography skills while also showcasing my amazingly beautiful and talented friends, I have developed the concept of creating a look book where each photo set is inspired by the personalities and faces of each of my friends using them as the models.

Each of the photo sets that will be featured is a collaborative effort between me that the model-friend, and each look will be that as well, with pieces from the closets of both myself and the friend in the photo, or maybe from some other friends, or from here or there or somewhere in between.

I have some really great friends. This collection of photos is proof of that. Meet some of the people that keep my creative energy flowing, the people who inspire me, and the people who let me be me in this look book that I am calling “Borrowed Looks 2017.”

*All photography, styling, and editing is done by me (with help from my friends, without whom I would cease to exist).

Installment 1: Zoe



Installment 2: Liz


IMG_0155 copy