Creating a Creative Space

There are a lot of blog posts and whole blogs dedicated to the topic of blogging itself. It’s incredibly helpful and refreshing to know that there is a massive community of bloggers out there who are here to help newbies like myself figure out all of the little bits that make blogging fun, challenging, and worthwhile. I’ve given myself quite the crash course recently and the blogs that I’ve been learning from have been completely invaluable to me.

There is a blogpost for virtually every aspect of blogging, from content ideas, resources for photos, and increasing traffic, to monetizing, advertisements, and SEO. All of these are important aspects that you don’t always think about when you first get the idea to start your blog, and it’s important to have at least a basis of understanding about these things when you start.

One of the things about blogging and content creation (creation of any kind, really) that I haven’t seen a lot of is creating the perfect space in which to create your perfect content. There is a great post by Melyssa Griffin about a typical work day as a blogger that touches on this topic, and I thought I’d take a whack at it and write about what I do to create the perfect creative space. This is an interesting topic to be writing about right now, as I have had a really hard time focusing and sitting down to write lately. With five or six drafts just waiting to be finished. It’s actually kind of cathartic to create content about creating content.


The first step for me is to clean and declutter. Something about sitting down to write while the sink is full of dishes just doesn’t add up for me. I need a clean open space for the ideas to flow (or something like that). I have a bad habit of leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight, so that is usually the first thing I do in the morning (after coffee of course). Cleaning is a great way to jumpstart productivity and start your day with a figurative clean slate.

I have two typical spaces that I use to work on my blog: the living room and one of the many cafes around my neighborhood. I also use our second bedroom (which we use as an office) sometimes when I need the larger computer monitor for photo editing and things like that, but the room itself is small, dark, cluttered, and overall pretty uninspiring. It’s still a work in progress. Each of these spaces has it’s pros and cons. The way I operate, I have to switch it up every couple of days (sometimes more than once in one day) in order to stay inspired and keep the energy flowing.

The Living RoomIMG_0862

My number one choice for several reasons is my living room. First reason: it’s free and close by. I can make myself a cup of coffee and head into the living room where I can be comfortable, relaxed, and when I want to take a break, I don’t have to go far. My living room is a big open space with lots of sunlight and decorated with lots of different colors and plants all around.

I do love those super-picturesque tumblr living rooms that are all white, or have a perfect color scheme, but that’s not real. I love my living room because, just like me and my creative process, it’s kind of chaotic. There are lots of different things going on that keep to eye moving and inspired.


The living room can sometimes be a bad choice for me, though, because Netflix (my greatest weakness) is right there at my disposal all day. And the couch (err.. futon, as it were) is the perfect length for laying down and napping. As long as I am intentional about working hard, the living room is a perfect space for me.

Getting Outcup-of-coffee-laptop-office-macbook-89786

Sometimes you just have to switch it up. I love living in Pittsburgh because there are so many cool cafes within walking distance of my apartment and sometimes that is the perfect remedy to an uninspired day. If I’m feeling particularly bored of my usual set up, I’ll take a walk down Murray Ave. in Squirrel Hill. I usually stop at Crazy Mocha, order a medium iced coffee with no cream or sugar (a leftover from the Whole30), and get to work for a couple hours. Something about being in out in public and surrounded by other people busily tapping away at their laptops helps me focus.


I get bored and distracted easily and I get bogged-down with self-inflicted stress very easily, so for me a creative space has to be clean, open, bright, and lightweight. I need colors that inspire but don’t overbear, I need lots of coffee on hand, and I need music (I make the dopest Spotify playlists, y’all). I find that if all of these things are in place, I can zoom through a post or two in a couple hours, plus get some other productive life chores done like laundry or applying for jobs. A good day for me: finishing a post, scheduling some social media posts, answering an email or two, and getting at least one household chore done.


Here are links to just some of the awesome blogs that have been helping me learn and that I recommend checking out if you are thinking of starting a blog or taking it to the next level:

What is your creative space like? What do you need to keep you energy flowing?

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