Breaking: JackThreads is Actually Santa, Bellfield is Mrs. Claus

It’s been like three weeks since Christmas, I know, but I feel like I have to share this because I’m still raving about this sweater I got. Yes, this sweater is actually causing me to rave (break out the glow sticks- just kidding, because this sweater is classy af.)

The Laugar sweater is from Bellfield, color Ecru, purchased from JackThreads, the Mecca of men’s clothing. I’m not typically the type of person to focus or care much about brands, but this is my first experience with BellField and it is clear that this is a brand that I will likely stick with when checking out new duds. The quality alone is enough to write home about (or just a blog post, I suppose.)

I first saw this sweater in JackThreads’ Fall|Winter lookbook, and was so excited about it that I tweeted a picture of it, so you can imagine how happy I was to actually unwrap it. The outfit that features it in the lookbook is awesome (a coffee-colored topcoat with dark wash jeans and brown boots) and totally out of my price range, but the sweater works well with everything I’ve tried pairing it with thus far (khaki’s, black jeans, joggers). I’ve only had the thing for three weeks and I’ve worn it probably 14 damn times!

This sweater costs $75 on JackThreads, but is now 30% off on the Bellfield website for $51, and absolutely worth every penny- sexy, suave, warm, and cozy.

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Exhibit A: sexy, suave, warm, cozy

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