YOU GUYS I have some big news.

One of my favorite brands/online stores is making a triumphant return into my #BLESSED life! JackThreads, which closed earlier this year with a Farewell Sale of which I was not able to partake (have I mentioned I’m unemployed?), has announced a return! 


According to their website, they are currently under a bit of construction while they reopen their “doors,” but for the time being they have certain brands available in limited quantities. And thankfully they have some of personal favorites like Publish Brand ready for the taking.

The reboot seems to be a sign of the brand getting back to its roots. The homepage says, “JackThreads is back in the hands of some of the original crew that made it special. We’re focused on returning it to a place for cool clothes and gear slightly off beat from the traditional, at reasonable prices.” It’s really exciting to see a quality brand like this being able to come back. I was (not exaggerating) devastated when I found out they were closing, and, to top that off, I wasn’t even able to stock up on some dope gear to get me through the heartbreak.

But, as it turns out, they were pulling a Ross and Rachel,


and we can all be reunited with our fave once again.


If you can’t tell, I am super pumped to see what comes next for the company, and you can expect to see some product reviews here soon.

You also can (and should) check out their limited collection now here.


What do you think about JackThreads’ triumphant return? Let me know in the comments!

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