An Update…

Wow, I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while, so I figured it’s only right to give a little update to my many many devoted readers on what’s been going on with me, why my posts have been lacking lately, and what I’m hoping to get up and running with the site in the near future.

Since the my last post, some very important things have gone on that I’ve been super busy with. Summer 2017 was a whirlwind, ya’ll:

Coming home

In May, I returned home from my semester in France. I was so so happy to be home and see all of my friends and family. I really missed everyone so much, maybe even more than I realized. It’s quite a change, though, to move from an incredible semester of travel, inspiration, fashion, art, and excitement, back to the town you grew up in. With that change, and my severe lack of finances, I found it hard to keep up blogging about some of the things I love, even though there is plenty of new art and talent in my hometown. Check out some cool stuff here, here, and here.


I DID IT. I graduated college. I am now the proud holder of… a photo of the campus (degree is coming in the mail, lol). It’s an exciting accomplishment, sure, but graduating college with a BS in Communication Studies has kind of left me in an unemployed puddle of potential. The job search is in full swing, but those loans are no joke, and are just around the corner, so I may be adding “Barista… again” to my already quite unimpressive resume sooner rather than later.

Summer 2017

I spent my summer waiting tables (for about a month), doing some freelance photography and social media management, and performing on stage in what will probably be my last shows for a while (CAPITAL sadface). Keeping busy with work is great for money and experience but not so great for exploring, keeping up with dope trends, and blogging. So, my bank account is happy(ish) but is not. Sorry!

The Big Move

I rounded out my summer with a big move. My boyfriend and I now live in Pittsburgh, PA and we are both so pleased to be here in our cute AF apartment (still in the final stages of move-in-ness). I’m hoping to find (and am already finding) a lot more blogging inspiration here and hoping to involve myself as much as I can in the art and fashion scene here. I missed Style Week by literally 3 hours this year, but now I know about it and can hopefully cover it on my blog next year, and I’ve already checking out a performance art event. Wish me luck!


That brings us to today. The present. My favorite point in time. Now. I’ve made a sort of shift in my focus with this site lately. I’ve been doing lots of photography and photo editing. I’m trying to gain some experience/ practice/ create a portfolio for fashion photography and creative direction/ visual communication (that’s a lot of slashes, perhaps an indication of that puddle of potential I mentioned earlier).

You can check out “Borrowed Looks 2017,” which is the Look Book I’m working on at the tab above. So far I’ve had two installments for it, using the face-talents of my good friends Zoe and Liz, with many more to come. I’m planning something more for the book, but I’ll keep it a secret for now until I work it out.

What You Can Expect

Expect to see more from me and from this blog. I have several more shoots for more installments of “Borrowed Looks 2017,” I’m planning a few more blog posts to come in the near future and hopefully beyond.

I hope ya’ll stick me while I explore this awesome new city, search for a job, and of course discover trends in art, music, and fashion.

I’m here.


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