Getting Risky With Galarreta

I’ve had this Ruben Galarreta mesh crop top for a couple months now, and, in my ongoing effort to take more fashion risks and come out of my comfort zone a little, I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate it into my everyday streetwear, which is hard to do, because this is not everyday streetwear.

Here’s a look I tried with it. I thought it made sense to downplay the top a little bit by covering it with a flannel shirt. That, paired with one of my favorite beanies and black jeans softens the harshness of the top, while keeping it a strong focal point.

I still have yet to wear this look out, but now that its getting colder out, I might have to wait until next year😅


Now if only I could find a way to do the same thing with that Ruben Galarreta leg harness sitting in my closet…

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