A Basic Foundation

Being in France has reaffirmed a certain style belief that I’ve always held: the value of quality basics.

The French, from what I can tell, are very keen on sparing no expense for quality. Even if that means they spend a little extra on something simple like a plain tee shirt or a sturdy pair of jeans. The value of having a piece of clothing that will last and last through multiple wears is priceless.

This hearkens back to a style philosophy I have always believed in, which is the importance of a basics-based foundation in your wardrobe. When I shop, I don’t buy by the outfit, pairing this hat with that shirt and think, “I can wear this on Tuesday!” No, I shop for basics that I can freely and comfortably integrate into my already-existing wardrobe. A shirt that can go with all of your pants, but can only be worn with one of your hats is basically worthless in my opinion. When shopping for basics, it’s important to remember wearability, versatility, and comfort.

You’re looking for something that is easily worn with basically anything, and something that will look good on you, and something will last a while, and something that will stay in style long enough to make it worth buying. And, of course, in the style of the French, it’s important to find something that is high quality and will survive dozens of wears before it gets a hole or an irreversible stain. Ive been getting most of my basic tees from ASOS lately. They are durable, well fitting, and versatile. Check, check, and check!

This is not to say that a great statement piece should be avoided at all costs. On the contrary, having one or two (or 7 or 10) really great attention-grabbing articles of clothing is great when the rest of your closet is full of simple and strong foundation basics. So… like yeah, totally splurge on that amazing bright yellow faux fur coat that you feel like you can’t live without, but in all likeliness you’ll probably find some use for it at least once, but absolutely do not base you’re entire wardrobe around that amazing bright yellow faux fur coat, because that’s no way to live.

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