Settlement Engine’s Fashion Week Downtown 2017: "The Runway" Shows Awesome Potential

This week marks the second annual Pittsburgh Fashion Week Downtown. Since I’m new to the city, this was my first experience with the event, which, I’m told, expanded to five days this year as compared to two days last year. Sadly I was only able to attend one of the events this week (I finally got a job!), but I’m glad I was able to support this budding event and I got to check out some really great local fashion.

Tuesday’s event, The Runway, was hosted under a tent in Market Square. It was a pretty small event that, in my opinion, left a little to be desired while also showing that there is so much potential for this event to continue to grow and prosper in the future. The main issues I had were stage size, seating, and some small organization problems. All things that can and will be improved in future years with more experience and funding!

The stage was a small L-shaped runway that only really allowed for one model on it at a time, which is actually all the room they needed. The hour(ish) long show featured designs from 15 local designers, each showing about three pieces. Since there were only a few looks from each designer, it wasn’t necessary to have a huge intricate runway, so this worked.

The seating was a little weird. There weren’t many chairs, and the ones that were there seemed to be reserved, so we found ourselves a spot in the standing area behind the roped of media section which was fine (small event overall means no bad views). This explains all of the elbows in the photos (I’m getting in that media pen next year). After the event started the hosts had people fill in the empty seats, which made me wonder why they didn’t just fill the tent with more seats to begin with. I digress.

Finally from an organizational standpoint, I was a little miffed because we bought our tickets, but nobody actually ever checked them, so theoretically, anybody could’ve gotten in for free. I’m happy to have given money to the cause, though, so no big deal.

Those small three things aside, it was a really great night that I was happy to have attended. I got to see some really great local talent and got a taste of what the Pittsburgh fashion community is all about. I’m excited to check out some more local events like this in the future, AND see how Pittsburgh Fashion Week continues to grow and evolve over the years.

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